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Custom Quote

Get Help with Job Description and Finding Candidates with our Custom packages.
We offer full-service recruiting services. We can help you clarify the hire, write and revise the job description and title, get maximum exposure for your post, screen resumes, interview candidates and even onboard and train them as needed.
Grab a call with one of our hiring professionals and get a custom package and quote.

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We do it WITH you

We'll walk you through the process, give you our Hiring Guide booklet with sample job descriptions, resume management best practices, interview tips, and onboarding checklist.

This package includes a consultation call on the role and a check in call as well as the post on our job board site and national network. Let us help you help yourself!

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YOU do it

Post your job on our job board site for 60 days and we include a targeted social ad with every paid listing. We'll also share it out with our national network of top real estate companies.

If you are ready to submit a job, visit our "Post a Job" page to get started.

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“Lee & his team are exceptional at helping companies implement the strategies and systems required to grow from a happy accident to a business on a mission”

–Seth Price, VP of Industry Relations at Placester

“The Amplified Solutions team has the unique ability to help people establish processes and systems around the key areas that will have the biggest and most meaningful impact. If you’re looking for a team to say – do this now AND here are the exact steps to follow, Amplified Solutions are a perfect fit.”

–Jimmy Mackin, co-founder Curaytor

“After working with Amplified Solutions, I can confidently say that my business has been impacted in ways I did not imagine. From the very beginning stages, I felt challenged, listened to and supported by Lee and his team. Not only did I walk away with a much clearer view of myself inside of my business, but also gained valuable insight into the type of real estate company I want to grow into. I was given solid tools to become the best I can be, as well as the forward plan to launch the new ideas into play immediately. “

–Naomi Hattaway, Owner at 8th and Home

“Lee and his team were paramount in the success of our recent hire!

They were thorough in their analysis of what our business needed and provided us with the guidance and support we were looking for to help us feel confident in our search. They got to work right away integrating helpful hiring technology and assisted us as we sorted through the many applications we received. Once we started interviewing applicants Lee and his team even provided sample interview questions for us to use.

Hands down, without a doubt, I would recommend Lee and his team to anyone I know looking to grow their team and business!”

–Erica Collins, Love Live DC

“Amplified Solutions is amazing! They were able to extract things from my overly creative brain and create a map/plan for me that made sense. I am so happy because I now have a PLAN for success.”

–Kara Macdonald, VP at Pruitt Title

Hiring top Real Estate talent is our thing...

Let us help you get the right people in the right seats!