Hiring Best Practices

How to find the perfect hire.

It is very important that you have a process for taking applications. For one, to keep all applications organized and accessible, but also to cast a wide net for candidates. This allows you to quickly eliminate those who don’t match or don’t follow instructions.

We recommend posting the job as many places as possible, with clear instructions, for the applicants to follow. Our general process is to take all submissions through Workable or Indeed.com and use a template there to send a follow-up questionnaire. Applicants are eliminated if they don’t follow this second step.

We then only review resumes who submitted a follow-up form and generally set up very short, 30-minute maximum, calls. If the applicant is still of interest, an introduction to a hiring manager or person who interviews follows with a written history of Applicant (resume, form, notes on pros and cons, and notes from calls).

We also highly recommend requesting a DISC profile on any applicants either prior to a call or after a call if the applicant is of further interest. There’s a great free disc profile you can link them to at: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/

There are also a number of paid versions that you can purchase to facilitate the test going out to the applicant/candidate. Make sure you “verify” or validate the results with a follow-up call or meeting.

For resume management, we highly recommend Workable or a similar platform. Google Drive can also be a useful tool to organize resumes and forms that have been reviewed or need to be reviewed, and for keeping notes on candidates.

Tools to Use to Take Applications or Follow Up:

- Indeed

- Typeform

- Jotform

- WuFoo

- DISC profile

- Calendly – to schedule calls and interviews

Places to Post Your Ad:

- Facebook profile or Company page

- Other social media as relevant

- Indeed.com (recommended as a source to manage resumes and notes) Any local job boards or relevant Trade associations

- Workable connects to 15+ free jobs boards

- Market to your database or past clients (if applicable)

Some Specifics If You Need to Post Anonymously:

Sometimes it makes sense to make your job postings anonymous. Either replace someone at your current company or otherwise to not reference your company name. Using a free Gmail address can be an excellent way to do this. Create a new Gmail address such as, “AustinRealEstateJobs@Gmail” and use that to take all applications. Be sure that the “real name” on the account isn’t affiliated with your company in any way as well. You can also set up an autoresponse in this account to send a form or automated second step for applicants.


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