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Episode 180 discusses what life is like playing and touring with a rock band. Really. Lee Adkins with Amplified Solutions was the bass player for Soup from 1996 to 2001. This is the second guest with “professional musician” on their pre-real estate resume. Check out Bret Calltharp in Episode 57 for the first!

Lee has been in the real estate world for nearly 15 years and his company specializes in helping teams and indie brokerages get organized and more productive. I hope you enjoy Lee's journey!

01:45 – Growing up in small-town Texas

04:20 – Lee’s passion for music at an early age

06:20 – Discovering the bass

09:40 – Lee’s life on the road with Soup

13:30 – After the band, music was still Lee’s passion

20:10 – Connecting the dots to the start of Lee’s real estate career

25:45 – The genesis of Amplified Solutions

30:10 – Brokerage vs Team?

33:30 – Biggest mistake team leaders make?

35:40 – One piece of advice for a new agent just getting started?



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