The Best TED Talk Ever...

How small changes can create big outcomes.


This TED talk came to me at the perfect time. I had just started more consulting work with real estate companies and was really starting to see that almost everyone has the same set of problems… The details are different, but nearly always the same themes were popping up.

Also, these companies were all having good levels of success – they just needed to figure out the next steps to grow again, take it to the next level.

I was beginning to realize that very small tweaks became multiplication – in culture, in operations, in meetings, lead gen – really everywhere. Many times this came down to team and brokerage owners still in production trying to “get out” of production. Most – if not all – were at their ceilings as far as hours logged and nearly always they were missing business opportunities because of it.

I’ve seen small changes in meeting formats bring companies out of a rut or meetings that were actually counterproductive to meetings that people were looking forward to – simply by adding some structure or more defined takeaways.

I’ve seen hundreds of “unconverted” leads and a simple, new strategy change someone’s real estate career forever.

As I began to work with some on this paradigm shift, it became clear that over time, team and brokerage owners could shift business to others in the company and actually have more success and a better life. Sound too good to be true? Watch the video and read on…

I would encourage you to give real thought to making small changes to parts of your business and giving them a chance. Going into a new year is easily one of the best times to do this – revamp your meetings, your policies or how you hold staff and agents accountable.


Just one small change might make all the difference…


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