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At some point, Realtors at all levels will need to get someone else to help them with the workload. If you want to grow your business past a certain level, you must get help. But how? How do you find the right people? How do you know how to compensate them? How do you train that first partner or employee?

Wouldn't it be awesome to have access to one of the best consultants and recruiters in the real estate industry? Someone willing to share their knowledge and expertise on hiring specifically for real estate businesses? Damn that would be cool.

Well, you're in luck. This week, Lee Adkins, the Head of Growth for Amplified Solutions, joins the show to share how to make your first hires. Whether that's a buyers agent, an assistant, a virtual assistant, or a videographer, you really need to know a few things to increase the chance that you hire the right person. Lee shares with us what those things are.

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