Our Hiring Guarantee


Retaining your hire is more than just making sure they're the right person.


Our approach:

We know onboarding and acclimating a new hire to a team can be stressful. We've seen hires not work out because leaders weren't prepared for a new hire. 

With the following system and a minimum 3-month commitment, we are confident your new hire will be up and running at a high level quickly. 

If after the 3-month period they still aren't the right match, we'll dig back into the existing candidate pool and follow up with other candidates at no cost to you. If we do need to identify additional candidates, the cost of the posts will be passed along, but we will continue all screening and advice at no cost.

1. Check-Ins

We'll consistently check-in with your new hire as often we feel appropriate. It's imperative that they get the tools they need to be successful in their role.

2. Monthly Feedback

We send you and your hire 30/60/90 day reviews so communication is open and everyone is getting what they need. 

3. Ongoing Training


We'll also have a monthly 1:1 meeting with your hire where we help them strategize and implement systems + access to our knowledge base and proven materials and systems we've created.

*Hire must be someone we recommended



For the hire to be guaranteed, we need a minimum commitment of 3 months.

What people say:


“When I was hired at MEIER Real Estate, a luxury residential real estate brokerage in New York City, we weren’t quite sure what my job title was going to be. However, Lee just knew that I was the right fit for this company, and that my skill set was what they were needing. The hiring process was incredibly professional and efficient. I felt valued even before being hired, which is something I find very rare. As well as the time that everyone took in ensuring that this was the right fit for both parties made me feel like employee longevity was very much a high priority. I am thrilled to be where I am, and speak very fondly of the hiring process to professionals in many different industries all over the country.” 

--Chloe DeMichiel, Operations Manager, MEIER | Real Estate  

New York, NY  



"In 2018, my firm consulted with Lee with the goal of improving our staff hiring process. We wanted to not only make the process more efficient but also – and most importantly – identify the best candidate for the job and our culture. There are no guarantees when making a hire, but after working with Amplified Solutions, I was confident that our chances of making the right choice were strengthened significantly. Lee listened carefully to understand our goals and concerns and offered strategic solutions that clearly reflected them. He even followed up after the hire to see how things were going, and I was happy to give him good news then and now (7 months later)!”    

--Leigh Layton, RE/MAX Around Atlanta  

Atlanta, GA        


"Amplified Solutions are unique because they offer a highly personalized approach in matching candidates with potential employers. In my case they assessed my career goals, personality traits, management style preferences and environments that I would be most successful in. The analysis they provided led me to my dream job!  Not only that, but they went above and beyond to facilitate my training after I was hired to ensure I was best equipped for the role and the company. Lee and his team are wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their careers.”

--Anonymous Hired Candidate

Atlanta, GA


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