Hiring Info

Common roles we’ve helped people hire for:

Operations Manager
Experienced manager – sometimes from out of the industry – who can help create a strategy and help execute it. Generally manages staff and licensees and helps identify and hire more if needed. Great for companies with strong leaders who don’t have time and/or skillset to manage and train.

Office Manager
Very similar to Operations Manager, but usually more focused on running the business side and less focused on long-term real estate strategy. Generally, this person is managing the office vs managing people.

Executive Assistant
More focused on helping the leader/owner with day to day tasks. Can help execute marketing, admin or even contract to close. More task oriented than strategic generally.

Marketing Coordinator
Can do some assistant tasks, but generally very focused on marketing and social media. Usually can make some basic graphic design even if just Canva or similar apps.

Recruiting/Head of Agent Growth 
This role is focused on identifying and meeting with talent to build to a brokerage or team. Should be the liaison between company and prospects and ideally be the entire recruiting funnel.

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