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How to Time Block (video)


Topics to consider in your time blocking:

  • Get to know the market – driving or online or property drips to yourself for a certain area
  • Making prospecting calls – Divide into segments or groups
  • Making Client calls – you still have to update the clients you have!
  • Transaction Management
  • Writing content – blogs, videos, etc.
  • Creative thinking time (might be same as the above)
  • Social Media time (all day is not an option)
  • Reviewing your online profiles and Google yourself
  • Email time (all day is not an option)
  • Business growth/education time
  • Personal growth/education time
  • Exercise and Goals
  • Volunteer time
  • Personal time
  • Day off/Evening off
  • Review your time blocking!


MORNINGS: Build out your morning plan – for me, no phone until I’ve been up, gotten coffee, stretch/yoga, silent time/prayer time and some days a run before I even look at phone or email. I highly recommend it, even if only certain days.

ADJUST: Keep notes as you go along about things you find yourself doing – this will help you pick new topics and items you want to time block for. Making this work is a PROCESS, not something you just figure out up front. If you go into it knowing it will take you 6 months to a year to get good at it, you’ll have more success and really develop a lasting habit of blocking a prioritizing.

BE FLEXIBLE: Remember to leave reasonable gaps in between blocks for “stuff” that inevitably happens.

BE REASONABLE: Don’t get so detailed that you don’t want to follow your plan and don’t be so loose that you can justify what you did as a certain topic.

COLOR CODE: Use color coding for certain event types!



  • 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think – Laura Vanderkam
  • Choosing to Cheat – Andy Stanley
  • The ONE thing – Gary Keller
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey
  • 4 Disciplines of Execution – Sean Covey