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Hiring ~ Project Management ~ Agent Handbooks ~ Operations Manual ~ Agent onboarding plans 
Written strategic plan with growth strategy (success path) ~ Financial overview with written review and suggestions
Mentorship Program~  White labeled training videos ~ BetterVoice set up
Follow Up Boss set up + Integration ~ Wordpress set up to work with FUB ~ Site Visits
Exit calls & surveys ~ Custom action plans & campaigns ~ Find your why
Goal Sessions ~ Mission Statement ~ Vision ~ Agent Accountability ~ Company 360° Feedback



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FAQs (maybe specific to Premium services?)

Can I get my whole company on this?
This platform is designed to be a safe place for owners, management and staff to learn and share ideas. We don't currently support having agents from your team unless they are in an elevated role (mentor, buyer lead, etc). We have this on our radar as a future offering.
Do the hours for calls carry over if I don't use them?
They do not - being consistent and making constant progress is our goal. You can't save all your hours until the end of the year and then try to do all the work. We will remind you (at least) monthly to keep up on your calls.
Who can take the monthly calls?
We generally recommend that the SAME person is on those calls for the most part. You can certainly let someone else on your team take one or two or cover something specific. The goal is to make consistent progress and we can't do that talking to someone different every time.
Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope - we want you to be happy with our work - it's important to note that this is generally AT LEAST a 6-month process to really start to see results that will have an impact, but we aren't locking you into a term at all. We do request 30-day notice to cancel, but it's important to us that you're happy and we'll always do the right thing for you.
Can you just help with a Handbook or a Mentor Program, etc?
Detailed, custom help is only available only to members. We've learned that we need to know people's business intimately in order to go deeper on really helping them on a project basis. Our hiring packages are the only other program available to non-members. 



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