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What we can offer.

When businesses scale, systems break. Our systems are built to manage a growing number of agents by knowing when and where the break occurs and how to pivot before it happens.

How we can help.

Imagine knowing no lead will be forgotten and all leads from all sources will be followed up with automatically.

We aren't talking about drip campaigns. 


Knowing how to manipulate lead flow is crucial if you are producing leads for your agents. Not all agents are equal, and neither are all leads. New agents shouldn't receive luxury leads when you have a top producing luxury agent. Luxury Agents shouldn't receive rental leads when you have a new agent. 

We sort leads based on your agents and structure. Whether that is zip code, price, type, or stage, we make sure all leads are disbursed in an even matter based on these groupings.

To create a fully scalable automatic lead machine, the following procedures need to be harmonized to work together. 

Follow Up Boss Automation

Managing leads should be simple.

All Lead Sources Into Follow Up Boss

Lead Distribution

Custom Action Plans

Custom Stages

Agent Best Practices Handbook

Admin Handbook

Online Training Videos

API + Integrations

Optional Ongoing Support + Maintenance