Is your business not growing like you planned?

Do you have a lot of agent or staff turnover?

Do you have projects you never get to?

Do you need helping choosing the right systems and software?


Our approach:

1. Analyze your Business

We do a thorough intake to learn your business and current team member roles and strengths.

2. Get Feedback

We'll do anonymous surveys to all parties to really get honest feedback about what is good and areas that can be improved.


3. Interview Staff & Management


We'll do 1:1s with your staff and management to get background on opportunities they see for growth and often uncover other skills they might bring to the business.



4. Written, Action Plan


We'll write up actionable, near and long-term actions to grow smarter, not harder. Clarity of role for staff, software to add (or get rid of), tips for better meetings and communication, and other clear steps to get you running efficiently.

What you get with Roadmap:


✔️ A deep review of your business model, systems, and software

✔️ Initial interviews with key staff and management to learn your business

✔️ A time-tested, but customized survey to your team - management, staff, agents

✔️ Interviews (phone or video call) with key players to dig deeper into survey results and operational inefficiencies

✔️ Follow up interviews as needed

✔️ A written Roadmap document with actionable steps for both near-term and long-term solutions

Your Roadmap document will include:

✔️ Clarity of role for all key players, with a detailed write up for each one.

✔️ An org chart you can use internally

✔️ Specific near-term actions to take (and who should be responsible)

✔️ KPIs for key team members and/or agents

✔️ Recommended reading, software, tools

✔️ A long-term vision for how to grow in an intentional way

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"Amplified Solutions is amazing! They were able to extract things from my overly creative brain and create a map/plan for me that made sense. I am so happy because I now have a PLAN for success." 


--Kara Macdonald, 

Owner at Kara Macdonald 


"With their guidance, we were able to fast-track our plans and ultimately open the brokerage we had been dreaming about!"

--Suzanne Dement & Traci Carney, 

Owner at Nest Realty Jackson - Jackson, TN     

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What people say:


"After working with Amplified Solutions, I can confidently say that my business has been impacted in ways I did not imagine. From the very beginning stages, I felt challenged, listened to and supported by Lee and his team. Not only did I walk away with a much clearer view of myself inside of my business, but also gained valuable insight into the type of real estate company I want to grow into. I was given solid tools to become the best I can be, as well as the forward plan to launch the new ideas into play immediately." 

--Naomi Hattaway, Owner at 8th and Home



"Thank you for all of the hard work Lee and team at Amplified Solutions!!! They are intuitive, simplistic, detailed, advanced, conscientious, thorough, and extremely patient. They have been integral in the process of coaching and implementing the Follow Up Boss CRM. I am so thankful to have their guidance on an otherwise difficult transition."

--Cindy Greenya, Owner at The Greenya Group     

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