Project management – let us help you complete that thing you’ve been meaning to get to

Agent Handbooks – We have a template we can walk you through making it your own

Agent onboarding plans

Written Strategic plan with Growth Strategy

Mentor Programs – get your best agents training your new or underperforming agents

Agent Accountability Program

Training Videos for team and/or staff

Intranet services – demo at

FUB best practices and custom set up – also helping your WordPress site “talk” to FUB

Exit calls – calls with agents leaving your company

Survey your agents and staff – let us get some 3rd party info on areas you can improve

Growing from a team to a brokerage

Hiring Staff and Management – from job board to custom recruiting packages for management

Identify and set expectations/roles for Interns

HR Manual – includes clarity of role for all current staff/management/owners


All above services are billable hourly at $200/hour – we can get you an estimate if you want to learn more.