STEP 1: Collect good data and have clear expectations of team members 

Use a system like Follow Up Boss to have leads automatically processed and lead sources pulled in automatically. 

Have a simple plan/training for agents on how to use Follow Up Boss - from definitions of stages to action plans for automated follow up.

Use a tool like BrokerFlow to view the information at various levels: 

  1. By lead source/type 

  2. By agent 

  3. By behavior or demographics

STEP 2: Check in CONSISTENTLY on the data 

To see trends and understand the data you’re getting, you need to take regular time to review and understand it. 

To really be effective, you'll need to really know your data - historically - to be able to see trends. 

STEP 3: Use the data to make actionable decisions

Review the data for trends and TAKE ACTION on using that data to:

  1. Make better decisions on lead routing/distribution, 

  2. Where you spend lead generation or marketing money, 

  3. Setting company goals.

Recommended Tools: 

Follow Up Boss CRM 


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