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Agent Production Goes Up.

Have you ever wondered... what are other top teams doing in their Follow Up Boss accounts? Top teams don't just have any system, they have a customized solution that is being actively managed. The highest priority in your account is your leads. If your agents won't work a lead, we'll give them to an agent who will. Gone are the days of trying to reach a lead once and letting them die in your account. We make agent production skyrocket by holding them accountable your leads and systems.

Clients We Work With

We are not a lead generation company or a lead conversion company.

We are a lead management company

that connects the two together to achieve real results for your business.

There is a magic growth formula that guarantees growth for any business. More leads + higher conversion rates = growth. We are the “+” in the equation. Here's how we do it:

We turn your goals into systems.

Teams are beginning to realize that it's ridiculous to hire a full time operations manager and then task them with also learning to master and manage their CRM. Operations managers plates are overflowing. Hence the growing popularity of VA's and leveraging part time experts to run pieces of their operations. Amplified Solutions is in a class by itself when it comes to one very specific piece—your Follow Up Boss account. We reverse engineer your goals and turn them into bitesized systems, that we then rigorously manage to produce results.

We turn your agents into Follow Up Boss power users.

Amplified Solutions' clients see results. Big results. That is because of the subtle way we keep agents accountable to your leads and systems. We are right there in the trenches with agents, communicating through Follow Up Boss. This means we're not just overseeing—we're actively involved. Agent onboarding, off-boarding, and training isn't just a one-time deal—it's ongoing and customized just for you. This isn't cookie-cutter stuff.

We turn your data into growth.

Our primary goal is crystal-clear reporting data, the bedrock of smart decision-making. By tailoring systems to your unique goals and ensuring agent accountability, we guarantee precision in our metrics. This accuracy is vital. It's the lens through which we identify areas ripe for improvement. But we don't stop at insights. We transform these numbers into dynamic, actionable strategies, fueling your team's Follow Up Boss flywheel for sustained growth and efficiency.

Our Offerings

One-Time Setup

FUB Setup With Workflow Assets

We will get you up and running with Follow Up Boss, provide all the assets needed to make you a FUB pro, and 30 days of support tickets.


One-Time Purchase w/ 30 Days Support

Custom Management

FUB Setup With Account Management

Leads are your business. Lead management is ours. Invest in an expert Follow Up Boss team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Pricing starts at


3 month minimum, then month-to-month

What People Say

“Being an independent broker, there’s no company resource to pull from when trying to scale a company. Hiring Amplified Solutions took all the burden of those things and even things like lead distribution, CRM structure, out of our hands. I was able to work on the things that I was built to work on, like marketing, recruiting, and coaching. Could not have done it without Amplified Solutions”

Ryan Rodenbeck

Broker / Owner - Spyglass Realty

“Working with Amplified Solutions provides my team and I with a highly focused, strategic path to clearing the noise clutter we’d begun to accumulate in our real estate business. Now we all understand our individual roles in a concise way. Amplified Solutions gives us the direction to know where we’re going and what each team member needs to do to get us there collectively. “

Dean Linnell

Owner at the Linnell Group

“The Amplified Solutions team has the unique ability to help people establish processes and systems around the key areas that will have the biggest and most meaningful impact. If you’re looking for a team to say - do this now AND here are the exact steps to follow, Amplified Solutions are a perfect fit.”

Jimmy Mackin

CEO at Curaytor


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