Spend less time prospecting & generate more business

Our ISA service is made for real estate teams and brokerages and offers a lead management and conversion solution for your business without the hassle of hiring, training, and managing.


Optimize your account and recruit your ISA

We customize your FUB account around your business model while we recruit your dedicated ISA.

Train your ISA and agents

We train your ISA and agents so everyone knows what to do after talking to a transferred lead.

Call and follow-up on leads

We call all new, nurture, recently active, and stale leads–all while staying on top of transferred leads so those hot leads don’t turn cold.

Dedicated ISA

We recruit a dedicated ISA based on your must haves and must have nots and present you the best options to select the best match to join your team.

Customized Account

We work together in creating a roadmap based around your lead flow and marketing plan and build out your FUB account for you. We continuously implement new features you want installed on your account


We provide ongoing training for your ISA and your entire team or brokerage based on your new customized account. We update all training materials with newly installed features.

Lead Management

We manage your lead flow, lead distribution, action plans, stages, and follow-up.

Live Transfers

We call and nurture all new, recently active, and stale leads in your database with the goal of sending you a live transfer.

If a live transfer isn’t possible, we’ll set an appointment for you to call them back or meet the contact at a property.


It’s not enough to just say what we’re doing, we have daily reporting metrics so you can visually see how everything is progressing. Along with those, your account manager will go over your monthly data with suggestions. We also provide you with an ROI tracker which proves our service is making you money.

Group Coaching

Weekly Operations focused group coaching sessions with Lee Adkins for your operations manager, team leader, or brokerage owner. Learn how to get all the pieces in place to grow your business systematically.

ASU All Access

Your entire company will get FREE access to all of our current and future courses along with all of our resources.


Schedule a call–or just learn a little bit more about how we can help you.

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