"Being an independent broker, there's no company resource to pull from when trying to scale a company. Indies either need to do it themselves or outsource it. And most entrepreneurs (like me) lack the attention to detail to put together the strategic items such as policies, handbooks, company structure, and all the super important things that a company needs to scale. Hiring the Amplified team took all the burden of those things and even things like lead distribution, CRM structure, out of our hands. I was able to work on the things that I was built to work on, like marketing, recruiting, and coaching. Could not have done it without Amplified Solutions!"

Ryan Rodenbeck

Broker / Owner - Spyglass Realty

"There are not enough words that could express the support and knowledge that the Amplified team bring to their trainings. I came to them with Real Estate experience, but no real lead coordination or database experience and I had only been in our systems a month. By the end of our sessions, I was proficient in our systems, I had a clear understanding of how our agent trainings need to go, and how to effectively manage our leads. With all the knowledge they gave, the most important thing about the process is that they are supportive and geared to making the systems work for you as an individual or as a team! I feel absolutely blessed to have his support within our team now and moving forward!" 

Rachel Van Cleave

The Stratton Group

"Thank you for all of the hard work from the team at Amplified Solutions!!! They are intuitive, simplistic, detailed, advanced, conscientious, thorough, and extremely patient. They have been integral in the process of coaching and implementing the Follow Up Boss CRM. I am so thankful to have their guidance on an otherwise difficult transition."

Cindy Greenya 

owner at the greenya group

"Amplified Solutions make the hiring process, well, easy. As a busy professional, I simply don't have time to trim the fat when it comes to digging through hundreds of emails. They offered guidance as to what to look for when we were meeting with candidates and always gave us the best pick of our options! The preliminary screening is a timesaver and a game changer because we are only working towards hiring talent. They get to know you, know your style and understand who may be a good fit for your organization! Thanks y’all!”     

Anna Kilinski

Owner at Anna K Intown

"After finding myself stuck with stagnant growth and absent a 5 year plan, I signed up for the Roadmap program. The Amplified team helped me create a plan that brought meaningful growth to my brokerage, so much so that I crushed my 5 year plan in 18 months. The focus and insight you'll gain is worth multiples of what you'll invest in the Roadmap plan, I highly recommend it!" 

Nat Ferguson

Owner at Ferguson Realty

"The team at Amplified Solutions were instrumental in helping us use Follow Up Boss to its fullest potential. They helped us plan and implement a lead management strategy (including producing a Follow Up Boss handbook for our agents, video tutorials, drip campaigns and more), and made the process as painless as possible. He was receptive to our ideas and provided expert insights along the way. We highly recommend utilizing their services!"    


Chip Craig & Caleb Hofheins 

Greybeard Realty

  "Working with the team at Amplified Solutions provides my team and I with a highly focused, strategic path to clearing the noise clutter we'd begun to accumulate in our real estate business. Now we all understand our individual roles in a concise way. Amplified Solutions gives us the direction to know where we're going and what each team member needs to do to get us there collectively. "


Dean Linnell


"The team at Amplified Solutions provides just that, customized solutions, amplified for specifically for your needs. They are EXPERTS of process, procedure, and most importantly implementation. Our small real estate team in Tampa had needs specific to us and our market. They helped us first understand what we had that was working, assessed what we didn't have that we needed, and put into place a systemized series of plans and processes to help us achieve our goals. They were, and still are, hands-on and available not just for me as Team Leader, but for our Operations Manager as well. The wealth of experience, knowledge and practical advice provided us by the team has been a significant part of our success story. We can not be more grateful or appreciative of what Amplified Solutions has meant to us. THANK YOU!”    

Anthony Malafronte


"In 2018, my firm consulted with Amplified Solutions with the goal of improving our staff hiring process. We wanted to not only make the process more efficient but also – and most importantly – identify the best candidate for the job and our culture. There are no guarantees when making a hire, but after working with Amplified Solutions, I was confident that our chances of making the right choice were strengthened significantly. They listened carefully to understand our goals and concerns and offered strategic solutions that clearly reflected them. They even followed up after the hire to see how things were going, and I was happy to give them good news then and now (7 months later)!”

Leigh Layton 


"Amplified Solutions are unique because they offer a highly personalized approach in matching candidates with potential employers. In my case they assessed my career goals, personality traits, management style preferences and environments that I would be most successful in. The analysis they provided led me to my dream job! Not only that, but they went above and beyond to facilitate my training after I was hired to ensure I was best equipped for the role and the company. The Amplified team are wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to advance their careers.”

Anonymous Hired Candidate


“When I was hired at MEIER Real Estate, a luxury residential real estate brokerage in New York City, we weren’t quite sure what my job title was going to be. However, the Amplified team just knew that I was the right fit for this company, and that my skill set was what they were needing. The hiring process was incredibly professional and efficient. I felt valued even before being hired, which is something I find very rare. As well as the time that everyone took in ensuring that this was the right fit for both parties made me feel like employee longevity was very much a high priority. I am thrilled to be where I am, and speak very fondly of the hiring process to professionals in many different industries all over the country.”  

Chloe DeMichiel


"Amplified Solutions is amazing! They were able to extract things from my overly creative brain and create a map/plan for me that made sense. I am so happy because I now have a PLAN for success. " 

Kara Macdonald


  "Amplified Solutions truly know how to help a real estate team grow. Their work speaks for itself. Anyone who has a chance to have Amplified Solutions help them get organized (and in doing so thrive) should take it."  

Chris Smith

co-founder curaytor

  "We found launching an independent brokerage a bit daunting. From the very beginning, Amplified Solutions were genuinely interested in helping us achieve our business goals. They were able to lead us through a process and get us to reflect honestly on what we wanted. With their guidance, we were able to fast-track our plans and ultimately open the brokerage we had been dreaming about! Lee is truly one of the kindest people you will ever meet and we’re thankful for the opportunity to work with Amplified Solutions."  

Suzanne Dement & Traci Carney

nest Realty jackson

  “Amplified Solutions are exceptional at helping companies implement the strategies and systems required to grow from a happy accident to a business on a mission.”  

Seth Price

VP of industry relations at placester

  "The Amplified Solutions team has the unique ability to help people establish processes and systems around the key areas that will have the biggest and most meaningful impact. If you're looking for a team to say - do this now AND here are the exact steps to follow, Amplified Solutions are a perfect fit."  

Jimmy Mackin

co-founder curaytor

"My sister, Jane, and I were a small team in the process of starting our own boutique brokerage. We weren’t quite sure how to get to the next step but we knew it started with the right hire and we knew if we continued down the path we were going, we were either going to stay flat or grow minimally. We were referred to Amplified Solutions to help with the hiring process and job description and to help us figure out what position we needed in order to double our business and really take it to the next level.

Lee and his team helped us to expand our thinking and get out of our “comfort zone” in order to start thinking like a real business. As a result, they screened candidates, narrowed down our search, helped provide interview questions as well as talk through our thoughts on our favorites. As a result, we made a great hire and it was someone we probably would have never given a chance based on our limited experience. We can’t thank Lee and his team enough for helping us to “get out of our own way”. We would highly recommend them if you either do not know how to get to the next level or just don’t have the time. Let the experts at Amplified Solutions do what they do best so you can continue focusing on what you do best."

Kim Brogli

co-owner jane & kim brokerage

  "Amplified Solutions have a unique understanding of how fast-growing real estate teams function as well as their growing and hiring pains. I was able to count on Amplified Solutions to guide me through a crucial hire so I could continue to run my business and my team. They provided in-depth analysis of each candidate and took much of the preliminary legwork off my plate. Lee is approachable, genuine, and a people person. Every candidate that I met with thoroughly enjoyed their conversations with him. I felt that each candidate on the short list was well-screened prior to my introduction. I'm confident that Lee was the best person to guide me through this process. He kept me on track, and was awesome with his follow up. I most highly endorse Lee's qualifications to help real estate teams with their operational challenges and hires." 

Ellie Kowalchik

owner at move2loveland team

"After working with Amplified Solutions, I can confidently say that my business has been impacted in ways I did not imagine. From the very beginning stages, I felt challenged, listened to and supported by the team. Not only did I walk away with a much clearer view of myself inside of my business, but also gained valuable insight into the type of real estate company I want to grow into. I was given solid tools to become the best I can be, as well as the forward plan to launch the new ideas into play immediately. " 

Naomi Hattaway


"The Amplified Solutions team were paramount in the success of our recent hire! They were thorough in their analysis of what our business needed and provided us with the guidance and support we were looking for to help us feel confident in our search. They got to work right away integrating helpful hiring technology and assisted us as we sorted through the many applications we received. Once we started interviewing applicants Lee and his team even provided sample interview questions for us to use. Hands down, without a doubt, I would recommend Amplified Solutions to anyone I know looking to grow their team and business!"

Erica Collins

Love live dc

"When you are running a boutique brokerage, it is all hands on deck. It's something you love as you cement culture and something that you also wish you had an extra hand so that you can stay within the highest and best use of your talents. Amplified Solutions does just that. They are the extra hands to consult on your strategy, timelines and the cohesiveness of your big picture thinking. It continues to be a pleasure working with their team for solution-oriented results"

Christian Ross

CEo Village Realty

  "The talented Amplified Solutions team helped us crystallize our strategy and implement crucial operational infrastructure to prepare Village Realty for rapid growth."  

David Lightburn


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