Here's What We Do For You

Everything Runs Smoothly: We make sure your Follow Up Boss account works perfectly all the time. We do regular checks, fix problems fast, and keep everything safe and secure.

Customized Just for You

We set up Follow Up Boss just for you. We learn about your business and goals and turn those goals into systems. From custom fields and smart lists to specific action plans and automations our goal is to make your agents work easier and better.

Agents Stay Accountable to Leads

We nudge agents and keep them accountable to all leads and systems to ensure maximum lead ROI and an accurate sales pipeline. If leads still aren't being worked, we'll reassign them to make sure someone is working them.

Support Whenever You Need It

With dedicated trainings, a ticketing support system and a live person you can call, we answer all your questions and solve problems fast. We make sure all agents get adopted to your system and understand how everything works. To help even more, we create you a custom Follow Up Boss intranet complete with customized SOP handbooks, cheatsheets and recordings of all trainings so agents have a resource center.

Reporting and Analytics

We send you weekly reports that show exactly what's going on inside your account from agent activity to our lead managers nudges and reassigns—helping you make good decisions for your business.

Integrate and Automate Easily

We help you integrate Follow Up Boss with your favorite third party integrations like, RealScout, Fello, Ylopo, and more so those systems are built into your overall strategy and automated to maximize the value of using them.

Get Expert Advice Regularly

Every month, we talk with you about what's going on with your system and what we recommend changing in the account to stay optimized and on track with your goals.

And lots more helpful tools and tips!

Starting at Just $1,650 a Month

Try it for 3 months, then decide if you want to keep going.

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Also Includes These Amazing Benefits

Custom setup with strategic meeting

Monthly meeting to discuss account

Nudges to agents

Database management

Weekly Reporting

Action plans & automations

(See below for full list)


Smart Lists


If you are a team

Account Audit

+ Suggestions to improve

Access to DIY Course

A $150 Value!

Customizable Website

FUB Handbook & Cheat Sheet

System Video Tutorial

Website Customization Video Tutorial

Start & Stop Automations Video Tutorial

Included Action Plans and Automations

  • Back to Website: 6 Emails Over 70 Days
  • Bad Phone Number: 4 Emails Over 7 Days
  • Closed->Past Client: Automates Changing Stage from Closed to Past Client at 90 Days
  • Closed Buyer: 5 Emails Over 90 Days, Updates Stage
  • Closed Seller: 5 Emails Over 90 Days, Updates Stage
  • Long Term Nurture Action Plan: 8 Emails Over 5300 Days
  • New Lead Buyer: 5 Emails Over 10 Days
  • New Lead Seller: 5 Emails Over 10 Days
  • Nurture Buyer: 20 Emails Over 1 Year
  • Nurture Seller: 16 Emails Over 1 Year
  • One Year Anniversary: 1 Email on Anniversary
  • Open House: One Email to Thank Them for Stopping By
  • Open House Follow Up -> Nurture: 23 Emails Over a Year
  • Past Client Buyer: 13 Emails Over 720 Days
  • Past Client Seller: 11 Emails Over 600 Days
  • Pause All Action Plans (One Step Action Plan)
  • Renter Nurture -> Buyer: 30 Emails Over 730 Days
  • Undefined Lead: 7 Emails Over 60 Days
  • Zillow,, etc. New Lead: 1 Text, 3 Emails Over 4 Days
  • Nurture Buyer/Seller Emails: 27 Emails and Tasks to Inform the Agent of When to Call and When to Send Personalized BombBomb Videos to Clients
  • Recruiting Email and Text Templates (30)

Pricing Starts at


3 month minimum, then month-to-month

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