Lee Adkins

Head of Growth

Lee Adkins, an expert at all things real estate, serves as Head of Growth at Amplified Solutions, a consultancy that helps real estate professionals improve their systems, operations, and business strategies through virtual classes, validated resources, and one-on-one coaching.

Before starting his career in real estate, Lee was a successful bass player who toured the country with his band. Lee’s goal as a bass player was never to be a star, but to boost the performance of the band as a whole.

For almost three decades, Lee has brought that behind-the-scenes, team-first energy to his careers in both music and real estate operations. As National Program Director, he opened over a dozen hugely successful music camps. The program received coveted press coverage from blue-chip outlets like NBC Nightly News and People Magazine.

After getting his real estate license in 2006, Lee brought his passion for teamwork, operations and scalable strategy to the real estate business.

In 2012, Lee stopped selling properties entirely. His full-time job was getting agents and other real estate professionals on his team to work together and become as efficient, powerful, and profitable as possible. The team went from two leading agents doing $24 million in annual sales to every agent on the team performing well and closing deals, doing consistently over $65 million in annual sales. The team, which hit the top 100 list for Keller Williams International, was now running like a real business, and it made all the difference.

Lee then worked at a boutique brokerage office in Atlanta before settling into his role at Amplified Solutions.

Today, Lee offers operations coaching to real estate professionals all over the country. While no two clients of his are quite alike, they are all looking to take their real estate business to the next level. He teaches his clients how to be better owners, leaders, and operational thinkers. He also offers assistance in hiring and is especially good at helping clients pick out operations managers. After all, Lee knows another bass player when he sees one.


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