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Cyrus Mohensi

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Project Description

We'll help you use your Follow Up Boss account to leverage all the best practices of top agents, teams, and brokerages. The goal is always to keep the setup simple for the user, but to create an overall strategy on using FUB to help you create more business, provide better follow-up, and know when to follow up with certain types or sources of leads.

Project Scope

List of Services: Follow Up Boss | Custom Set Up

This includes:

  • Strategy Session - Work together to create scalable standardized operating procedures with roadmaps built around lead sources.
  • Email Templates - Create custom Email Templates to be used in Action Plans.
  • Stages - Moving and organizing contacts to appropriate Stages.
  • Action Plans and Automations -
    • Back to Website: 6 emails over 70 days
    • Bad Phone Number: 4 emails over 7 days
    • Closed->Past Client: Automates changing stage from closed to past client at 90 days
    • Closed Buyer: 5 emails over 90 days, updates stage
    • Closed Seller: 5 emails over 90 days, updates stage
    • Long Term Nurture Action Plan: 8 emails over 5300 days
    • New Lead Buyer: 5 emails over 10 days
    • New Lead Seller: 5 emails over 10 days
    • Nurture Buyer: 20 emails over 1 year
    • Nurture Seller: 16 emails over 1 year
    • One Year Anniversary: 1 email on anniversary
    • Open House: One email to thank them for stopping by
    • Open House Follow Up -> Nurture: 23 emails over a year
    • Past Client Buyer: 13 emails over 720 days
    • Past Client Seller: 11 emails over 600 days
    • Pause All Action Plans (one step action plan)
    • Renter Nurture -> Buyer: 30 emails over 730 days
    • Undefined Lead: 7 emails over 60 days
    • Zillow,, etc. New Lead: 1 text, 3 emails over 4 days
    • Nurture Buyer/Seller Emails: 27 emails and tasks to inform the agent of when to call and when to send personalized BombBomb videos to clientsRecruiting email and text templates (30ish)
  • Ponds - Create Ponds to effectively manage different types of leads and teams.
  • Smart Lists - Create Smart Lists to target specific contacts and ensure business doesn't fall through the cracks.
  • Tags - Create a Tag strategy that is simple but powerful.
  • Integrations - Integrate FUB with any third-party apps you're using.
  • Recruiting Package - Recruiting buildout with deal board, pond, email and text templates.
  • Live Google Site - Custom Google site with custom SOP Handbooks for admin and agent accounts as well as a one-pager cheatsheet.
  • Recorded Training Session - We will go over your finished account with you and teach you how everything works. We will take the time and answer any questions.


All payment is made upfront for FUB set up projects. If project is terminated early, actual work done will be billed at $200/hour.

Total Base Cost: $5,000 flat cost

Additional Fees:

$250 hourly rate for any additional items outside of this proposal. This includes a large quantity of data manipulation during imports/exports as well as Zapier Integrations and Rules. This would be discussed before accruing any charges.


Please note: This does not include the price of FUB system software or other software referenced.

The pricing for FUB is here and you would own the system and all the data, we're just doing set up:

Future discount for additional projects in the future for First Team to be priced at a 20% discount = $4,000 per project.


Rachel Van Cleave

The Stratton Group

"By the end of our sessions, I was proficient in our systems, I had a clear understanding of how our agent trainings need to go, and how to effectively manage our leads." 

Nat Ferguson


"Lee and his team helped me create a plan that brought meaningful growth to my brokerage, so much so that I crushed my 5 year plan in 18 months." 

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