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We can do hourly work for you - Technology, Systems, and Operations. We have a list of services we can provide as well as get your input on where you need help.

Project Scope

Hourly help on systems and technology and operations.


Our hourly rate is $250 per hour. Billed in 15 minute increments.

Get a 20% discount when you pay for 5 hours or more upfront - pre-paid hours never expire.

Total Base Cost: $3,500 flat cost

Additional Fees:

$200 hourly rate for any additional items outside of this proposal. This includes a large quantity of data manipulation during imports/exports as well as Zapier Integrations. This would be discussed before accruing any charges.


Please note: This does not include the price of FUB system software or other software referenced.

The pricing for FUB is here and you would own the system and all the data, we're just doing set up:

If desired, our Amplified Help offering is a good follow up to your project to have support tickets for any additional help, a private FUB community, member only resources and virtual workshops + office hours.


Rachel Van Cleave

The Stratton Group

"By the end of our sessions, I was proficient in our systems, I had a clear understanding of how our agent trainings need to go, and how to effectively manage our leads." 

Nat Ferguson


"Lee and his team helped me create a plan that brought meaningful growth to my brokerage, so much so that I crushed my 5 year plan in 18 months." 

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